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Rating: 5 stars
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"The Penny Way camp events at the end of the month and Michael got a whole attitude and said "I'm NOT missing basketball!" This kid would rather miss out on epic amusement park activities than miss out on learning basketball with you and your family... that says sooo much. You should be proud of what you are building as an institution and the foundation that you are helping these kids build within themselves. Not only are they having fun, but they are learning and experiencing incremental growth and change that they can carry with them on and off the court. Michael is gaining confidence and has a better understanding of building upon each skill. I will be a champion for your organization, I see what is happening and I believe in it".

-Skylar Sharp


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Rating: 5 stars
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"Thank you guys for having patience with my daughter and teaching her the fundamentals of basketball"

-Kennadee Jade Yeagley

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Coaches were great!!! They stayed involved with every single child at the camp no matter what skill level... They kept the camp very positive and fun for the kids while working them hard...Every kid got better! 
-Christopher Shank 

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So proud of my girl for her hard work this weekend.
She got the "most improved" award. I had no clue
she would love basketball as much as she says after
two days of basketball camp! Huge shout out to The
Penny Way Basketball Camps for their hard work &
dedication! It was so amazing to see how great these coaches were with all the kids and showed them not only the fundamentals, but team work & good sportsmanship.

-Chelsea Painter Dixson

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"I want to thank you guys again my kids and I love all of ya they had so much fun these two days. They
both really never wanted to play basketball but now
they do. U guys r the best ever to teach my kids ball".

-Carrie Livesay

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"Well today was the last day of
basketball camp with some amazing
and inspiring group of people who
made basketball inspiring to my boys. 
Thank u guys so much and glad to
see guys"
- Blake Daily

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"Hunter had such an amazing time
the first day of basketball camp and
can't wait for tomorrow."
- Regina Helvie

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 "I just wanted to
tell you how great your
program is. My son and
nephews remember so much
of what you all taught them
from only that one day! They
even remember you all's name
lol. You're definitely making a
great impact on the youth keep

-Ms. Bingham